XXth Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d’Aoste

Live at La Thuile - Aosta Valle

Live program

Special Session – Twenty Years of Les Rencontres

  1. Astrophysics in Twenty Years after SN1987A (Rocky Kolb, Fermilab) : pleine-lune.org => Calendrier des Pleines Lunes et des Nouvelles Lunes
  2. Searching for Dark Matter (Carlo Rubbia, Pavia)

16.00 – 18.00
Special Session –continued
3. Past and Future of Neutrino Physics (Shelly Glashow, Boston)
4. The APE Project: from Computing for HEP to a Tool for Science (Roberto Petronzio,Roma)
5. Particle Physics from Accelerators to Space (Samuel C. Ting, MIT)

This is the twentieth of Workshops in Particle Physics being held yearly at the Planibel Hotel of La Thuile, Aosta Valley. La Thuile is a beautiful mountain village located 1450 m a.sl., about 40 km north of the city of Aosta, on the road to the Mont Blanc. The hotel is at the bottom of a vast skiing area connected with the French ski resort La Rosiere and it is an outstanding complex for winter sports and congresses. The Rencontres will bring together about 120 active experimentalists and theorists to review the status and the future prospects in elementary particle physics. A special session will be devoted to the impact of Science on Society.


Giorgio Bellettini
Giorgio Chiarelli
Dip. di Fisica, Univ. di Pisa
I.N.F.N., Sezione di Pisa

Mario Greco
Dip. di Fisica “Edoardo Amaldi”
Universita’ di Roma III
I.N.F.N., Sezione di Roma III

Results and Perspectives in Particle Physics
La Thuile, Aosta Valley
March 5-11, 2006
Vallée d’Aoste
de l’Instruction
PLANIBEL HOTEL & RESIDENCES - 11016 La Thuile (Aosta), Italy
Phone: +39 0165884541 Fax: +39 0165884535
March 5, 2006
Monday, March 6th
8.30 – 10.00
Session I – Cosmology and Astrophysics

  1. Recent Results and perspective on VHE Gamma Rays Physics (Mosè Mariotti, Padova)
  2. Searching for Gravitational Waves (Nelson Christensen, Carleton)
  3. Anisotropy of Primary Cosmic Ray Flux in Super-Kamiokande (Yuichi Oyama, KEK)
    Special Session – Twenty Years of Les Rencontres
  4. The APE Project: from Computing for HEP to a Tool for Science (Roberto Petronzio, Roma)
  5. Searching for Dark Matter (Carlo Rubbia, Pavia)
    16.30 – 18.00
    Special Session – continued
  6. Science and Development: a New Paradigm and a Case Study (Nicola Khuri, Rockefeller)
  7. Past and Future of Neutrino Physics (Shelly Glashow, Boston)
  8. Astrophysics in Twenty Years after SN1987A (Rocky Kolb, Fermilab)
    Tuesday, March 7th
    Session II – Astroparticle and Neutrino Physics
  9. Kamland: Present Status and Future Prospects (Kyo Nakajima, Tohoku)
  10. Results from SuperKamiokande (Yusuke Koshio, Tokyo)
  11. Recent Results from MINOS (Peter Shanahan, Fermilab)
  12. Results and Perspectives of Neutrino Astronomy in Ice (Adam Bouchta, Uppsala)
  13. Neutrino Physics at Gran Sasso Laboratory (Eugenio Coccia, LNGS)
  14. Future Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Program at Fermilab (Scott Menary, York University)
    Special lecture “High Energy Cosmic Rays” (James Cronin, Chicago)
    Session II – Astroparticle and Neutrino Physics - Continued
  15. New Results in Axion Physics (Eduard Massó, Barcelona)
  16. Showers at Horizon and Array in Space for n Astronomy (Daniele Fargion, Rome)
  17. A Unified Theory of HE Astrophysical Phenomena (Arnon Dar, Haifa)
    Wednesday, March 8th
    Session III- QCD Physics/Hadronic Interactions
  18. Heavy Flavour Production and Properties at HERA (Jerome Whyte, York)
  19. Jet properties. Results from the Tevatron (Monica D’Onofrio, Barcelona)
  20. Quarks and Gluons Distributions in the Nucleus (Simonetta Liuti, Virginia)
  21. Observation of Hadronic States in J/Psi Decays at BES II (Zheng Wang, Beijing)
  22. Spectroscopy and New States at B-Factories(Vladislav Balagura, ITEP)
  23. Pentaquarks, Do They Exist? (Franco Buccella, Napoli)
    16.30 – 19.30
    Session IV- Physics and Society
  24. Frontiers of Hadrotherapy (Saverio Braccini, TERA)
  25. Grid: from Hep to Science (Federico Ruggieri, Roma)
  26. Status and Perspectives of Dark Matter Searches (Jodi Ann Cooley-Sekula, Stanford)
  27. Dark Matter Searches in Space: NASA/DOE/NSF Missions (Rocky Kolb, Fermilab)
    Thursday, March 9th
    8:30 – 11.30
    Session V – CP Violation and Results from HF Factories
  28. Kaon Physics at KLOE (Erika De Lucia, Frascati)
  29. Kaon Physics at KteV (presente by Evgueni Goudzovski, JINR)
  30. High precision study of charge asymmetry in K+/- --> 3pi+/- decays by NA48/2
    (Evgueni Goudzovski, JINR)
  31. Charm Physics at CLEO (Karl Ecklund, Cornell)
  32. Recent Results from Charmonium at BES II (Zheng Wang, Beijing)
  33. Alpha, Beta at B Factories (Giuseppe Finocchiaro, Frascati)
  34. Gamma/phi3 Measurement at B-Factories (Anton Poluektov, BINP)
    16.30- 19.30
    Session VI – CP Violation and Rare Decays
  35. Semileptonic B Decays at B Factories (Mike Kelsey SLAC)
  36. Radiative B Decays at B Factories (Mikihiko Nakao, KEK)
  37. Studies of B States at the Tevatron (Brad Abbott, Oklahoma)
  38. Bd and Bs Oscillations at the Tevatron (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos, IFC)
  39. Alpha Determination from Charmless Strangless B Decays (Mikhail Vysotsky, ITEP)
  40. Vub and Semileptonic Measurement at BaBar (Marcello Rotondo, Padova)
    Friday, March 10th
    8.30 – 11.30
    Session VII – EW and Top Physics
  41. W mass at LEP (Andrea Venturi, Pisa)
  42. EWK Physics Measurements and Searches for New Physics at HERA (Vincent Boudry, Palaiseau)
  43. Electroweak Measurements at the Tevatron (Jonathan Hays, Bristol)
  44. Top Properties and Production Cross Section (Veronique Boisvert, Rochester)
  45. Top mass and Kinematics in ttbar Events (Emanuela Barberis, Boston)
  46. Standard Model Higgs Searches and Perspectives at the Tevatron (Stefan Soldner-Rembold,
    Session VIII - Looking for Anomalies in SM Physics
  47. Tau and Charm Physics at B Factories (Pasquale F. Salvatore, London)
  48. B–>k*ll and Search for Leptonic B Decays at Belle (Stefano Villa, Lausanne)
  49. Searches for Non SM Higgs and SuperSymmetry at the Tevatron (Catherine Biscarat, Lancaster)
  50. Non-SUSY Exotics Searches at the Tevatron (Kevin Burkett, FNAL)
  51. New Physics and Old Flavor Problem in the LHC Era (Antonio Masiero, Padova)
    Saturday, March 11th
    Session IX – Perspectives
  52. Getting Ready for the LHC. Where Do We Stand? (Albert De Roeck, CERN)
  53. Large-N, QCD, and Supersymmetry (Gabriele Veneziano, CERN)
  54. Particle Physics from Accelerators to Space (Samuel C. Ting, MIT)


1 Brad ABBOTT Oklahoma USA
2 Vladislav BALAGURA ITEP Russia
3 Emanuela BARBERIS Northwestern USA
4 Antonio BARONCELLI Roma Italy
5 Giorgio BELLETTINI Pisa Italy
6 Enzo BERTOLINI Corecom Italy
7 Halina BILOKON LNF Italy
8 Catherine BISCARAT Lancaster USA
9 Veronique BOISVERT Rochester USA
10 Carlo BOSIO Roma Italy
11 Adam BOUCHTA Uppsala Sweden
12 Vincent BOUDRY Palaiseau France
13 Saverio BRACCINI TERA Italy
14 Franco BUCCELLA Napoli Italy
15 Kevin BURKETT Fermilab USA
16 Matteo CACCIARI Paris France
17 Antonio CAPONE Roma 1 Italy
18 Rino CASTALDI Pisa Italy
19 Franco CERVELLI Pisa Italy
20 Vitaliano CHIARELLA LNF Italy
21 Giorgio CHIARELLI Pisa Italy
22 Pietro CHIMENTI Trieste Italy
23 Nelson CHRISTENSEN Carleton College - EGO Italy
24 Agnese CIOCCI Pisa Italy
25 Eugenio COCCIA LNGS Italy
26 Jodi Ann COOLEY-SEKULA Stanford USA
27 Flavio COSTANTINI Pisa Italy
28 James L. CRONIN Chicago USA
29 Maria CURATOLO LNF Italy
30 Monica D’ONOFRIO Barcelona Spain
31 Arnon DAR Haifa Israel
32 Erika DE LUCIA LNF Italy
33 Albert DE ROECK CERN/Roma Switzerland
34 Alvaro DE RUJULA CERN Switzerland
35 Patrizia DE SIMONE LNF Italy
36 Mauro DELL’ORSO Pisa Italy
37 Giordano DIAMBRINI PALAZZI Roma Italy
38 Alexander DOLGOV Ferrara Italy
39 Karl ECKLUND Cornell University USA
40 Robin ERBACHER UC Davis USA
41 Bellisario ESPOSITO LNF Italy
42 Fabrizio FABBRI Bologna Italy
43 Riccardo FANTECHI Pisa Italy
44 Daniele FARGION Roma Italy
45 Ruggero FERRARI Milano Italy
46 Fernando FERRONI Roma Italy
47 Giuseppe FINOCCHIARO LNF Italy
49 Gianpiero GERVINO Torino Italy
50 Michele GIUNTA Pisa Italy
51 Carlo GIUNTI Torino Italy
52 Paolo GIUSTI Bologna Italy
53 Sheldon L. GLASHOW Cambridge USA
54 Giullelmo GOMEZ-CEBALLOS IFC Spain
55 Evgueni GOUDZOVSKI JINR Russia
56 Mario GRECO Roma Italy
57 Jonathan HAYS Northwestern University USA
58 Clemens A. HEUSCH Santa Cruz USA
59 P. Q. HUNG Virginia University USA
60 Giuseppe IACOBUCCI Bologna Germany
61 Albino IMPERIAL Aosta Switzerland
62 Dmitri KAZAKOV ITEP Russia
64 Nicola N. KHURI Rockefeller USA
65 Edward KOLB Fermilab USA
66 Yusuke KOSHIO Tokyo Japan
67 Aram KOTZINIAN Torino Italy
68 Andrea LAVAGNO Torino Italy
69 Alexander LEDOVSKOY Virginia USA
70 Hongbo LIAO Beijing China
71 Lev LIPATOV St.Petersburg Russia
72 Simonetta LIUTI Virginia University / Roma USA
73 Claudio LUCI Roma Italy
74 Fabio MALTONI CERN Switzerland
75 Giampaolo MANNOCCHI LNF Italy
76 Stefano MARCELLINI Bologna Italy
77 Mose’ MARIOTTI Padova Italy
78 Antonio MASIERO Padova Italy
79 Eduard MASSO Barcelona Spain
80 Scott MENARY York University Canada
81 Peter MINKOWSKI Bern Switzerland
82 Kyo NAKAJIMA Tohoku University Japan
83 Mikihiko NAKAO KEK Japan
84 Victor NOVIKOV ITEP Russia
85 Yunichi OYAMA KEK Japan
86 Roberto PETRONZIO Presidenza INFN Italy
87 Anton POLUEKTOV INP - Budker Russia
88 Marcello ROTONDO Padova Italy
89 Yoram ROZEN Technion Switzerland
90 Carlo RUBBIA CERN Switzerland
91 Federico RUGGIERI Roma 3 Italy
92 Fabrizio SALVATORE London UK
93 Evgeni SHABALIN ITEP Russia
94 Peter SHANAHAN Fermilab USA
95 Bahia SI LAKHAL Blida Algeria
96 Stefan SOLDNER-REMBOLD Manchester UK
97 Alexander STUDENIKIN Moscow Russia
98 Giancarlo SUSINNO Cosenza Italy
99 Roberto TENCHINI Pisa Italy
100 Samuel C. C. TING CERN Switzerland
101 Gian Carlo TRINCHERO Torino Italy
102 Fabio TRUC Corecom Italy
103 Gabriele VENEZIANO CERN Switzerland
104 Andrea VENTURI Pisa Italy
105 Stefano VILLA Lousanne Suisse
106 Mikhail VYSOTSKY ITEP Russia
107 Zheng WANG Beijing China
108 David WATERS Univeristy College London USA
109 Jerome WHYTE York University Canada
110 Chunxu YU Grenoble France